DIP Program Ohio 72 Hour Driver Intervention Program 2023

Driver Intervention Program is a weekend education curriculum. DIP Program Ohio Toledo is designed for individuals who have been convicted of OVI for first time charge of operating a vehicle under the Influence. 

What is DIP in Ohio?

People who are convicted of OVI (Operating a Vehicle Impaired) for the first time in the state of Ohio. Courts may offer 72 Hour Driver Intervention Program as an alternative to the mandatory three-day jail sentence for this charge.

The Program has certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Alcohol/Drug Addiction Services. 

There were Licensed and experienced Chemical Dependency professionals for DIP. In the program participants learn the physical and medical consequences of drug and alcohol use and abuse.

The main purpose of this program is to assist individuals that’s they can make the right decision regarding their drinking and driving behaviours.

The Ohio program helps to participants in recognising behaviours they may want to change. Participants can join the program through the court system as an alternative to incarceration.

Participants also learn the disease concept of chemical dependency. Drug or Alcohol problems are just like other health issue and have identifiable symptoms.

In the Program Ohio participants are encouraged to be open and willing to learn from himself. Participants need to actively participate in all planned activities and groups of DIP.

DIP Program Ohio Includes

  • Alcohol & Drug Education
  • Individual screening
  • Education on substance abuse and safe driving
  • Films & Lectures
  • An eight-hour Ohio Remedial Improvement Course for a two-point license credit.

    DIP Curriculum Includes The Following Information

    • The Program includes a personalised screening and may also include a referral for an extensive alcohol or drug assessment.
    • Physical, social & Psychological consequences of alcohol and drug use. 
    • Blood alcohol content (BAC), drugs and the definition of legal impairment. 
    • Physiological and Psychological effects of alcohol and other drugs on driving performance. 
    • The progressive nature of alcohol & drug dependence.  
    • Symptoms of alcohol and drug abuse.
    • Fines and levels of incarceration. 
    • Levels of license suspension & revocation.
    • Treatment and self-help resources for alcohol and drug addiction.
    • Safe driving techniques.

    Cost of Dip Program Sessions 

    For 72 Hour Residential Driver Intervention Program, the cost of program as following below:

    • Shared Room Price: $444.00
    • Private Room Price: $582.00

        Note: $100 Non refundable deposit required to secure your spot in the 72 Hour Driver Intervention Program booking. 

        72 Hour Residential Driver Intervention Program Schedules 2023

        You can book your spot in the program schedule as per your program service Providers. For example if you go with Talbot Services Provider, program booking date as following below:

        • January 12, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • January 19, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • January 26, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • February 16, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • February 23, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • March 9, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • March 16, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • March 23, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • April 13, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • April 20, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • May 4, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • May 11, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • May 18, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • June 1, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • June 15, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • June 29, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • July 13, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • July 20, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • July 27, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        • August 10, 2023 (Rossford, OH)
        Driver Intervention Program Providers

        For more details you can visit the website Ohio Toledo. The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services provides a directory of DIP providers.


        The information provided here is for reference only. Its based on The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. Please consult your doctor & legal adviser before starting program.

        What is dip in Ohio?

        Ohio’s Driver Intervention Program (DIP) is an alternative to the mandatory three-day jail sentence for people who are convicted of OVI (Operating a Vehicle Impaired) for the first time under the influence of alcohol or other drugs in the state of Ohio. (As prescribed by Sections 1547.99 and 4511.19 of the Ohio Revised Code).

        How long are DUI classes in Ohio?

        In Ohio, DUI classes for 72 Hour, this program called a 72 Hour Driver’s Intervention Program.

        How much is DUI school in Ohio?

        This course is completely online & can be done at your place. For first time UDI offenders in Ohio would be need to attend this 24 hour class. 

        Does Ohio accept online DUI classes?

        In the state of Ohio you can join the program through Driver Intervention Program Providers. DDS will not accept the online courses. You must have to get certificate of completion through approved school or service provider. 

        How much does the dip cost?

        For 72 Hour Residential Driver Intervention Program
        Shared Room Price: $444.00
        Private Room Price: $582.00

        Will I go to jail for my first DUI in Ohio?

        First-Time DUI/OVI Penalties in ohio state. 
        First OVI offense is a first-degree misdemeanor in ohio state. A conviction will result in a mandatory jail sentence of at least three days (72 hours), and the maximum sentence is six months.

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