8 Health Benefits of Browntop Millet

Browntop Millet is rich in nutrients carbohydrates, magnesium, protein, manganese, calcium, thiamine, vitamins, iron, phosphorus, fiber & riboflavin.

Browntop provides only 34 GL (glycemic load) to the body per 100 grams. The fiber present in it releases its glucose slowly in the blood, due to this sugar remains under control. 

#8 Diabetes Cure 

Regular use of Browntop millet helps in getting rid of addiction like alcohol, tobacco, cigarette.

#7 Addiction

People who have gluten allergy or celiac disease which is caused due to the use of wheat. They should include browntop in their diet.

#6 Gluten Free Grain

Browntop millets are useful for solving problems of ovaries, stomach, arthritis, B.P, thyroid, eye problems and obesity.

#5 Obesity

The amount of fiber in Browntop Millet is 12.5g/100g, which is capable of controlling cholesterol levels. Browntop is good for blood pressure & heart muscle.

#4 Healthy Heart

Browntop contains Protein Protein 11.5g/100g. The proteins and amino acids obtained in it are completely absorbed by the body. Due to which the muscles of the body become strong.

#3 Strong Body

Browntop Millet has strong anti cancer properties. The antioxidants and vitamin B-17 present in this millet are helpful in protecting against cancer.

#2 Cancer Cure

Browntop millet is a great diet to detoxify the body. The soluble fiber present in browntop millet dissolves in the blood and cleanses the entire body.

#1 Detoxify The Body