Patanjali Medicine for Stomatitis

Patanjali Medicine for Stomatitis: Here the complete ayurvedic treatment method for Stomatitis prescribed by Patanjali Wellness is being explained, which is an evidence-based new treatment method experienced by millions of patients.

Patanjali Medicine
Patanjali Medicine

Patanjali Medicine for Stomatitis New Treatment Process

Patanjali MedicineQuantity
Divya Avipattikar Churna 100 grams
Divya Amalaki Rasayan100 Grams
Divya Praval Panchamrit5 grams
Divya Motipishti4 grams
Divya Muktashakti10 grams

Mix all the medicines and take 1/2-1/2 teaspoon every morning and evening half an hour before meals with lukewarm water or takara.

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Patanjali Medicine for Stomatitis.
Patanjali Medicine for Stomatitis.

Patanjali Medicine for Stomatitis Note

  • Mix rhinestone and tankan bhasma in half a spoon of ghee and use it locally.
  • Boil blackberries and guava leaves in water and filter it. Mixing a little rock salt in filtered lukewarm water and gargling with it is beneficial.
  • Take 2-2 capsules of Patanjali Nutrela Daily Energy in the morning and evening with lukewarm water.

Panchakarma Therapy for Stomatitis

  • Gandush
  • Kaval
  • Mrid Virejan
  • Matra Vasti

Shatkarma Chikitsa for Stomatitis

  • Neti Kriya
  • Shankhaprakshalan
  • Kunjalakriya
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Trataka
  • Acupressure

Naturopathy Treatment for Stomatitis

Natural hot and cold stomach compress, enema, mud pack on the stomach, hot cold lumbar bath, abdominal wrap, gentle lumbar bath. Steam baths, wet sheet wraps, gold baths, circular baths, hot foot baths, sun baths, and sun baths can be given according to the symptoms of the patient and the disease.


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