Benefits of Foxtail Millet and Side Effects

Friends, today’s article is about the Benefits of Foxtail Millet and Side Effects. In this article, you will be able to know what nutrients are in Foxtail. What are the Benefits and Uses of Foxtail Millets? What Are the Disadvantages of Foxtail Millets? So let’s get started.

benefits of foxtail millet
Benefits of Foxtail Millet

What is Foxtail Millet?

This millet is called Kangni or Tangun in Hindi. Its botanical name is Setaria italica. Foxtail Millet comes under the category of Positive Grains. It is also called coarse grain. The seeds of Foxtail Millet are small and yellow. Its taste is sweet and bitter. Foxtail Millet is the second most widely sown crop in East Asia. The Chinese have been growing Foxtail Millet since about 6000 BC.

In China, it is also called Chinese millet. Cornice is a grass species. Which is grown in hot weather. It takes about 90 days for the harvest of Foxtail Millet to be ready. The height of the cornice plant is up to 4 -7 feet, and the seeds of Foxtail Millet are very small about 2 millimeters. which is covered with a peel. The color of corn seeds varies from region to region. Foxtail Millet leaves range in size from 5cm to 30cm.

Foxtail Millet Name in different languages

The scientific name of the foxtail millet is Setaria Italica (Synonym Panicum Italicum L.).

In India, Foxtail millets are popularly known as Kangni or Tangun.

The name foxtail millet in other languages ​​and regions of India is as follows-

  • Hindi – Kankun, Tangun, Cornice
  • Sanskrit – Priyangu, Kanguk, Sukumar, Kangni,
  • Bengali – Kannidhan, Kangani grain, Kaun, Kakani
  • Marathi – Kang, Kaun, resin
  • Gujarati – Kang
  • Punjabi – Kangani
  • Tamil – Kavalai, Kambankorai, Kali, Cool
  • Telugu – Koralu, kora

Origin of Foxtail Millet

Foxtail Millet is one of the oldest crops grown in China.

It is believed that the Chinese have been producing foxtail millets since 6000 BC.

It has been grown in European countries since about 2000 BC.

Nutrients found in Foxtail Millet

Foxtail is rich in carbohydrates, magnesium, protein, manganese, calcium, thiamine, vitamins, carotene, iron, phosphorus, fiber and riboflavin.

According to Dr Khadar Wali, the nutrients found in 100 gm Foxtail Millet are as follows-

Niacin (B3)0.7mg
Riboflavin (B2)0.11mg
Thiamine (B1)0.59mg
Carbohydrate Fibers Ratio7.57
The nutrients found in 100 gm Foxtail Millet

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Benefits of Foxtail Millet

Foxtail Millet has many benefits. The variety of nutrients present in it helps our body to fight against many diseases. Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Protin, Fiber, Folic Acid, Carbohydrates, and vitamins B1, B2, and B3 are abundant in Foxtail Millet. Due to this, the consumption of Foxtail Millet becomes a perfect food.

Foxtail Millet Benefits in Joint Pain

The problem of joint pain is cured by the consumption of Foxtail Millet in regular and balanced quantities. Those who have joint pain, arthritis, swelling, etc. They must consume Foxtail Millet.

Use in Anemia Diseases

Iron (6.3g/100g) and protein (12.3g/100g) are found in abundance in Foxtail Millet. Its regular and balanced intake provides relief from diseases and anemia.

Foxtail Millet Benefits in Heart Disease

Foxtail millet is very beneficial in reducing high cholesterol. The increase in cholesterol is the main cause of heart disease. Foxtail Millet helps in reducing the cholesterol level of our body. It reduces Bad Cholesterol (LDL Cholesterol) in our body. It is very beneficial in getting LDL Cholesterol out of the body.

Foxtail Millet for Strong Digestion

Foxtail Millet contains a lot of fiber. Which improves our digestion. Fiber plays a big role in cleaning the stomach. It also improves our digestion system. It prevents problems like gastric ulcers and cures constipation.

Foxtail use for Weight Loss

Foxtail millet is very useful in weight loss. For weight loss, the metabolism needs to be right. Foxtail millet contains a high amount of fiber (8g/100g). It helps in the proper functioning of metabolism. This gives you tremendous energy and reduces hunger. Those who want to lose weight should include Foxtail Millet in the main form of their diet.

Use of Foxtail Millet for Beautiful hair eyes nails & Skin

Foxtail Millet is rich in Beta-Carotene (32ug/100g). Carotene is very beneficial for hair, eyes, and nails. The use of Foxtail Millet provides a glow to the skin. Consumption of sugarcane is beneficial for overall physical beauty.

Benefits of Foxtail Millet during Pregnancy

Constipation is a common problem in women during pregnancy. Foxtail Millet is rich in fiber (8g/100g). Which saves women from constipation. Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Protin, Fiber, Folic Acid, Carbohydrates, and vitamins B1, B2, and B3 are also abundant in Foxtail Millet. Foxtail Millet Benefits is that it’s a complete diet for pregnant women.

Foxtail Millet Beneficial for Children

Young children often come to eat. Due to this, their nutrition remains incomplete. Foxtail Millet contains calcium and many other vitamins and minerals along with fiber. which provides their nutrition. Foxtail Millet must be fed to strengthen the muscles and bones of children.

Use for Calm the Mind

Foxtail millet is very beneficial for Insomnia Disease. Consuming Foxtail Millet calms the mind and gives good and deep sleep. Tryptophan is found inside it. Which increases the level of serotonin in our body. Serotonin reduces stress in the body and calms the mind. It relaxes the brain. People who have insomnia disease must consume Foxtail Millets.

Side Effects of Foxtail Millet

Thyroid patients are advised not to eat Foxtail Millet. Because Foxtail Millet contains Goitrogen. Which is responsible for the problem of the thyroid. Goitrogen inhibits the absorption of iodine in the body. When the millet is cooked or heated. Then the effect of Goitrogen increases. Due to this, there may be a deficiency of iodine in the body.

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