Millets Benefits Uses and Disadvantages

Friends, today’s article is about “Millets Benefits”. In this article, you will know which nutrients it contains. What are the benefits and uses of millets? What are the disadvantages of millet? So let’s start.

Millets Benefits
Millets Benefits

What is Millets?

Bajra is called millet in English. Small-sized seeds (grains) are also called millet. This is a very nutritious food. Millet is a nutritious food for humans and animals. You can grow millet anywhere. It can be easily grown in dry areas, rainfed areas, coastal areas, or hilly areas.

Types of Millets

We can divide Millets into two parts based on the size of the seeds and the way of growing.

  • Major Millets
  • Minor Millets

Major Millets

The seeds of these grains are thick. Coarse-grained grains are also known as Naked Grains. Like – millet, moong, ragi, jowar, chena, etc. These coarse grains can tolerate drought. There are also low costs in growing these crops. These crops can fight pests, Due to this less fertilizers and food are required.

Minor Millets

The seeds of these grains are small. Small-grained grains are also known as husked grains. Like- Kutki, Kangni, Kodo, Rice etc. More nutritious elements are found in small grains as compared to coarse grains. As people are coming to know about these things, they have started turning back towards these grains.

Main Varieties of Millets available in the market – Main Varieties of Millets

  • Kangni (Foxtail / Italian Millet)
  • Kutakee (Little Millet)
  • Kodo (Kodo Millet)
  • Chena (Proso Millet)
  • Ragi (Finger Millet)
  • Jhangora (Barnyard Millet)
  • Barri (Proso / Common Millet)
  • Jowar (Sorghum Millet)
  • Pearl Millet

Nutrients Found in Millets

Many types of vitamins and minerals are found in millet. The list of some of these nutrients is as follows:

  • Vitamin B-3
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Carotene
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Lecithin
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Fiber etc. are found in abundance.

Benefits and Uses of Millets

Millets are very beneficial for our health (Millets Benefits). It cures many types of diseases. And reduces its risk. As:

  • In preventing asthma.
  • Reducing bad cholesterol levels.
  • In clearing toxic substances from the body.
  • It reduces sugar (Diabetes).
  • Millet reduces the risk of cancer.
Benefits of Millets
Benefits of Millets

Millets Benefits for Diabetes Cure

Millets are very beneficial in diabetes cure. Where millions of people around the world are becoming diabetic patients. At the same time, you can reduce the risk of diabetes by using millet in your food. Regular consumption of millets keeps sugar under control.

Millets Benefits for High Cholesterol

Millets are very beneficial in reducing high cholesterol. The high amount of fiber is found in millets. Which helps in reducing the cholesterol level of our body. It reduces LDL Cholesterol in our body. Millets are very beneficial in removing LDL cholesterol from the body.

Millets Uses for Weight Loss

Millets are very useful in weight loss. For weight loss, proper metabolism is very important. Millets contain high amounts of fiber. It helps metabolism to function smoothly. This gives you tremendous energy and reduces hunger. People who want to lose weight should include Millets in their main diet.

Millets Good for Cancer Cure

Millets are very beneficial in curing cancer. Consumption of millets is the easiest way to prevent breast cancer in women. By consuming millets, women can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 50%.

Millets Benefits for Asthma

The use of Millets is very beneficial in curing asthma. People who have asthma must consume it. It reduces the risk of asthma. Regular consumption of millets reduces the risk of asthma in children by 15%.

Benefits of Millets for Skin Health

The use of Millets is very beneficial for skin health. Millets are a good source of antioxidants and phenolics. Consumption of millets prevents free radicals. Due to this age has less effect on the person. It helps in keeping the skin healthy and also helps in reducing wrinkles on the face.

Benefits of Millets.
Benefits of Millets.

Millets Help in Insomnia Disease

Millets are very beneficial for Insomnia Disease. Consuming millets helps in good and deep sleep. Tryptophan is found inside it, which increases the level of serotonin in our body. Serotonin reduces stress in the body. And the brain gets to rest. People who suffer from insomnia must consume Millets.

Side Effects of Millets

Millets are very beneficial for health. But consuming excessive amounts of millet can also harm you. The most common problem in which is thyroid. Millets contain Goitrogen. Which is responsible for thyroid problems. Consuming it in excess can cause dry skin. Excessive consumption of millets can also reduce the ability to think.


Friends, from today’s article you must have been able to know what is Millets. Which nutrients are found in it? It was missing from our plate for a long time. But now gradually people’s attention is getting attracted towards it.

If this information has helped increase your knowledge. So please give your feedback in the comment box. Please share this information with your friends. So that they can also take advantage of this information.

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