Tree of heaven herbicide, Ailanthus tree removal identification & use

Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima) is native to China, but today it has become a widespread tree species in India and North America. This giant tree grows very fast and destroys the plants around it. The ailanthus began to be planted in other countries around the world in the late 1700s, and today this tree has become quite popular all over the world. Ailanthus excelsa (Roxb) tree releases an offensive odor from its flowers, due to which it is also called the stinking tree.

Ailanthus identification

Alanthus tree is very huge, usually, it is 60 to 80 feet high. It is also called a soft tree. Its leaves combined are 2-3 feet long. The leaves of Ailanthus have serrated edges and oblique bases. Alanthus flowers are yellow-green.

Tree of heaven
Tree of heaven

Ailanthus tree removal

First of all the Alanthus tree should be treated with herbicide, then a gap of at least 30 days should be given, then the process of Alanthus tree removal should be carried out.

Herbicides containing glyphosate or triclopyr can be used to treat Ailanthus trees. Glyphosate is very effective in controlling Ailanthus tree removal.

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Tree of Heaven herbicide

The best method to control the Tree of Heaven is to apply herbicide to the bark, leaves, or frill girdles of the tree. While using herbicide, the height of the tree, diameter of the trunk, and number of trees should also be taken into consideration.

It is most effective to apply all herbicide treatments in or after mid-July. Some herbicide applications such as cut stump herbicide promote root sucking, so this is not recommended without follow-up treatment.

Ailanthus seeds

Pollination in the ailanthus tree starts in the month of March-April (spring season), and bunches of mahanimb seeds start ripening in the autumn season i.e. September-October. Its seeds are very thin which spread with the wind, that is why its ripe fruits are plucked before they can fly.

Tree of heaven herbicide
Tree of heaven

The color of ripe fruits is reddish brown or yellow. Ailanthus seeds should always be dried in the shade because their viability is very low. Its maximum seed production comes from trees that are on average 12 to 20 years old.

The average number of ailanthus seeds per kilogram can range from 27000 to 33000. Its germination rate ranges from 65 to 85 percent on average. The seeds should always be dried in the shade and stored in sealed containers.

Ailanthus wood

Being an evergreen rainforest tree, the wood of the Tree of Heaven is very hard, heavy, and sandy. Its wood is mainly used for making plywood and matchsticks. In India, its wood is called Mahanib wood.

The density of ailanthus wood is very low, due to which light construction works like sword sheaths, decorative items, etc. are made from it.

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Ailanthus common name

In the common name of ailanthus includes :

  • Common Name – Indian Tree of Heaven, Coromandel Ailanto
  • English – Ailanthus
  • Botanical Name – Ailanthus excelsa (Roxb)
  • Hindi – महानिंब (Mahanimb) महारूख (Maharukh), Asan
  • Marathi – Marukh Mahrukh
  • Tamil – Agal, Perumaram, Perumaruntu
  • Malayalam – Mattipongilyam, Peru
  • Telugu – Pedda, Peddamandu, Peddamanu
  • Kannada – Bende, Dodabevu, Doddamara
  • Oriya – Mundayigatch
  • Sanskrit – Aralu, Araluka, Araluvrksa

Ailanthus Altissima Parts Used

The leaf and bark of Mahanimbh is used as medicine.

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Ailanthus Altissima Chemical Constituents

Chemical constituents found in its bark

  • Glaucarubin
  • Glauca rubinone
  • Excelsin
  • Glaucarubol
  • Ailanthion
  • Ail antic acid
  • Malanthin
  • Tricontane
  • Hexatricontane

Chemical constituents found in its leaves

  • Ailantic Acid
  • Beta-Sitosterol (Vitexin)

Ailanthus Altissima Taste

The taste of the bark and leaves of Coromandel Ailanto is bitter astringent.

Ailanthus Altissima Actions

Tree of Heaven actions includes:

  • Bitter Tonic
  • Astringent
  • Antipyretic
  • Antispasmodic
  • Stomachic
  • Anthelmintic

Ailanthus altissima medicinal use

Tree of Heaven medicinal use includes:

  • Dyscrasia
  • Malaria
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Dyspepsia
  • Burning
  • Sensation giardiasis ulcerative colitis
  • Dysentery
  • Locally Appliedon ulcers
  • Goiter swelling
  • Erysipalous

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