3 Yoga Poses for Insomnia | Yoga Pose for Better Sleep

If you usually do not get deep sleep at night. If you are unable to get enough good sleep. It might be you are suffering from Insomnia. Here we are going to introduce 3 Yoga Poses for Insomnia. If you are suffering from insomnia you must try these 3 yoga poses to get rid of insomnia.

3 Yoga Poses for Insomnia

Try this Yoga Pose to cure insomnia disease and for a better night’s sleep.

Shavasana Yoga Poses for Insomnia


Shavasana Yoga Poses for Insomnia


  • Lie flat on the back with the arms about 15 cm away from the body, palms facing upward.
  • A thin pillow or folded cloth may be placed behind the head to prevent discomfort.
  • Let the fingers curl up slightly.
  • Move the feet slightly apart to a comfortable position and close the eyes.
  • The head and spine should be in a straight line.
  • Make sure the head does not fall to one side or the other.
  • Relax the whole body and stop all physical movement.
  • Become aware of the natural breath and allow it to become rhythmic and relaxed.
  • After some time, again become aware of the body and surroundings, and gently and smoothly release the posture.

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Shashankasana (Pose of the Moon)


Shashankasana Yoga Poses for Insomnia


  • Sit in Vajrasana, placing the palms on the thighs just above the knees.
  • Close the eyes and relax, keeping the spine and head straight.
  • While inhaling, raise the arms above the head, keeping them straight and shoulder-width apart.
  • Exhale while bending the trunk forward from the hips, keeping the arms and head straight and in line with the trunk.
  • At the end of the movement, the hands and forehead should rest on the floor in front of the knees.
  • If possible, the arms and forehead should touch the floor at the same time.
  • Bend the arms slightly so that they are fully relaxed and let the elbows rest on the floor.
  • Retain the breath for up to 5 seconds in the final position.
  • Then simultaneously inhale and slowly raise the arms and trunk to the vertical position.
  • Keep the arms and head in line with the trunk.
  • Breathe out while lowering the hands to the knees.
  • This is one round. Practice 3 to 5 rounds.

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Tadasana (Palm Tree Pose)


Tadasana Yoga Poses for Insomnia


  • Stand with the feet together or about 10 cm apart, and the arms by the sides.
  • Steady the body and distribute the weight equally on both feet.
  • Raise the arms over the head.
  • Interlock the fingers and turn the palms upward.
  • Place the hands on top of the head.
  • Fix the eyes at a point on the wall slightly above the level of the head.
  • The eyes should remain fixed on this point throughout the practice.
  • Inhale and stretch the arms, shoulders, and chest upward.
  • Raise the heels, coming up onto the toes.
  • Stretch the whole body from top to bottom, without losing balance or moving the feet.
  • Hold the breath and the position for a few seconds.
  • At first, it may be difficult to maintain balance, but with practice, it becomes easier.
  • Lower the heels while breathing out and bring the hands to the top of the head.
  • This is one round. Relax for a few seconds before performing the next round.
  • Practice 10 rounds.

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