Benefits of Barnyard Millet | Barnyard Millet Use

Benefits of Barnyard Millet: Friends, today’s article is about “Barnyard Millet”. In this article, you will be able to know which nutrients are in it (Barnyard Millet Nutritional Value). What are the advantages and uses of Barnyard Millet? Side Effects of Barnyard Millet? 

What is Barnyard Millet?

The scientific name of Barnyard Millet is Echinochloa esculenta. The length of the savanna plant ranges from 60 to 130 cm.

Benefits of Barnyard Millet
Benefits of Barnyard Millet

It has a sweet taste. The seeds of Sawa are shiny in gray color. The size of the barnyard is slightly smaller than that of sago. It takes 60 to 90 days for the harvest of the barnyard to be ready. Its crop requires very little amount of water for cultivation.

Origin of Barnyard Millet

This grain is very old in the category of cereals. This grain was first grown in Japan around 2000 (BC) BC. Sava cultivation is done in large quantities in the countries of India, Japan, China, and Korea.

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What is Barnyard Millet called in Hindi?

It is known by different names in different countries. In India also it is known by different names in different states. Barnyard Millet is called “Sawan” in Hindi. In the regional areas, It is known as Sawa “Samvat Rice/Sawa Rice” (Samvat Ke Chawal). Different names have been given to Sawa in other states of India. So let’s know by what other name it is known.

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Name of Sava in other languages ​​- Millet Name in Hindi

Barnyard Millet is known by these names in different regions of India 

  • Barnyard Millet : Samvat Rice/Sawa Rice (Samvat Ke Chawal)
  • Tamil: Kuthiraivali
  • Telugu: Udalu, Kodisama (Udalu, Kodisama)
  • Kannada: Oodalu
  • Malayalam : Kavadapullu
  • Punjabi: Swank
  • Bengali: Shyama
  • Oriya: Cucumber (Khira)

Next, we will know what nutrients are found in Barnyard Millet (Barnyard Millet Nutritional Value).

Nutrients found in the Sava (Barnyard Millet) Millet – Barnyard Millet Nutritional Value

Barnyard Millet is rich in nutrients (Barnyard Millet Nutritional Value) carbohydrates, magnesium, protein, manganese, calcium, thiamin, vitamins, iron, phosphorus, fiber, and riboflavin.

According to Dr. Khadar Wali, the nutrients found in 100gm Barnyard Millet are as follows-

Niacin (B3)1.5mg
Riboflavin (B2)0.08mg
Thiamine (B1)0.31mg
Metal Mineral4.4g
Metal Mineral4.4g
Carbohydrate Fibers Ratio6.55
Barnyard Millet Nutritional Value

Barnyard Millet Use 

  • Grains
  • Seed
  • Whole plant

Benefits of Eating Barnyard Millet 

There are many benefits of eating Sanwa Rice (Barnyard Millet) which are as follows

Use of Barnyard in Anemia – Health Benefits of Barnyard Millet in Anaemia

It is rich in Iron (2.9mg/100g), Calcium (0.02g/100g), and Protein (6.2g/100g). Which helps you to overcome the problem of anemia.

Regular consumption of barnyards reduces the problem of anemia in newborn women. And they have a lot of breast milk.

Barnyard Millet Use in Diabetes Cure

Taking a diet made of barnyard regularly helps in curing diabetes and increases immunity

Use of Barnyard to Control Thyroid – Thyroid Cure By Barnyard Millet

The thyroid is cured by eating barnyard food regularly. Sava (Barnyard Millet) is also very good for the pancreas.

Relieves fatigue/weakness, Barnyard Millet

Sawa is very beneficial for those people who suffer from fatigue, weakness, and sleepiness all the time. Barnyard can be taken as an ideal food for people who have to work long hours sitting in one place and do not have energy.

Barnyard Millet use in Liver/Kidney/Gallbladder

Regular consumption of food made from barnyards is very beneficial for the liver and kidneys. It cleans the liver/kidney/gallbladder.

Use of Barnyard in Jaundice

Consuming Barnyard is very beneficial in Jaundice Cure. It gives quick relief from jaundice.

Barnyard Use in Constipation

Barnyard millet is rich in fiber. The problem of constipation can be cured by taking food made from it regularly.

Consuming Barnyard Millet is Beneficial for Cancer 

It helps reduce cancer of the ovaries and uterus. Regular consumption of sava reduces the risk of cancer. Taking a diet made of savanna protects us from ulcer formation in the small intestine and cancer of the liver and spleen of the large intestine.

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I hope, through this article, you know well the benefits of Barnyard Millet Saw. If you liked this information, then please give your feedback in the comment box. Do share this information with your friends and family members. So that they can also get the benefit of Barnyard.

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